Wordpeace Summer/Fall 2019 issue 4.2

Welcome to WORDPEACE’s Summer/Fall 2019 issue!
WORDPEACE is a literary journal dedicated to peace and justice.

This issue features poetry, fiction, non-fiction and artwork.
Cover art is “Everyone Everywhere is on a Rock” by Jan Donley.

Issue 5/1 Winter/Spring 2020 coming in January!

We will be open for submissions March 1 – April 30, 2020
We publish semi-annually, with submissions open in March / April (for August/Sept. publication) and October /November (for February/March publication).

Letter from the Editor:
– August 28, 2019

It has been more and more difficult to compose a reasonable, well-argued letter to you, dear readers. I find myself each day barraged by the news of what is happening here in America, and most of the time I just want to cry or scream. Finding words to express myself, to empower myself to make some sort of difference sometimes seems impossible. And yet, it is so imperative that we speak out, find the courage inside ourselves to push back against a myriad of injustices – unfair actions by the powers that be against immigrants, voiceless children, people of color, women, LGBT and other marginalized communities, in which I and members of my family can count ourselves. We continue to see, on television and the internet, the angry posturing of our unhinged and unqualified president, school shootings (more than 250 now in one year), the fraying away of immigrant rights and trans rights. Some days our country seems unrecognizable. I’m sure many of us are desperate to find a way to raise our voices. This is one reason WORDPEACE was founded.

Monica Hand and I founded WORDPEACE in the hope of making a difference, despite having to live our lives, care for our families, and continue writing and publishing. Monica isn’t here anymore to see the continuation of this vision, and I miss my friend. Every issue of this journal will be dedicated to her. This time around I’m so blessed to have Monica Barron, Ciona Rouse, Lisa C. Taylor and Russell Taylor to choose work for the journal. We all want to stand up to indifference by publishing work that inspires people to think, in the hope that it will spur someone to activism, and, hopefully, a way to make a change to kindness, sensibility, peace and true justice.

Lori Desrosiers
Founding Editor & Publisher, WORDPEACE.CO