Wordpeace Issue 8.1, Winter/Spring 2023

Welcome to Wordpeace’s winter/spring 2023 issue!
WORDPEACE is a multi-genre digital literary project dedicated to world peace and social justice.

In this issue you will find poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction and visual art in conversation with social justice issues and world events.

Our cover art this issue is a gorgeous photograph of the reflection of water, trees and sky by N. Taylor Collins.

We publish semi-annually, with submissions open in February/March (for August/September publication) and October/November (for January/February publication).

A submission link is below! Please scroll down.

A Note from Founding Editor, Lee (Lori) Desrosiers:

Monica Hand and I founded WORDPEACE in the hope of making a difference, despite having to live our lives, care for our families, and continue writing and publishing. Monica isn’t with us anymore to see the continuation of this vision, and I miss my friend. Every issue of this journal/project will be dedicated to her.  We are so blessed to have Monica Barron (non-fiction), Lisa C. Taylor (fiction and poetry). Lee Desrosiers (poetry) and Russell Taylor (visual art) choosing work for the journal. We all want to stand up to indifference by publishing work that inspires people to think, in the hope that it will spur some to activism, and hopefully will help pave the way to kindness, sensibility, peace and social justice.

Lee (Lori) Desrosiers
Founding Editor & Publisher, WORDPEACE.CO