Anthony Jeonghoon Kim

Cyber Abuse copyright 2022, Anthony Jeonghoon Kim

The theme of this art piece is cyber abuse and the harmful effects of technology. Technology is portrayed in two ways: the murderous arms and the background with screens staring at the main character. Multiple arms are holding knives towards the character’s neck aggressively, and the red color enhances the aggressiveness. These arms represent the negative comments and messages internet users receive due to their anonymousness since there are no faces that can be seen. In the background of this piece, there are screens with eyes staring at the character, representing surveillance of technology. With how many screens there are, it shows that everyone on the internet can see what you are doing and how your personal information can be in danger due to technology.

Anthony Jeonghoon Kim is a student attending Canadian International School of Hong Kong. He not only has an interest in computer graphic arts, but also has passion towards computer science, math, and physics. He is also slightly interested in storytelling in video games. He has experience in designing levels in video games and designing characters. He focuses on modern and pastel tone style in his art projects. He is challenging himself to show social awareness towards diverse communities in regards to race, sexuality, etc.