Jane Lee

“Protect One Another” copyright 2022 Jane Lee

As our modern society began to spread awareness among different races and ethnicities, it is comparatively recent where Asian hate has been recognized as a newfound issue. It is said that “Anti-Asian hate crimes increased more than 73 percent in 2020, according to newly corrected FBI data” (Venkatraman, NBC News). As an Asian student studying abroad in the States, I have been involved in such topics of Asian hate crimes and their non-white disadvantages. The United States is ranked second place as a country that accepts the most migrants. However, it is clearly shown that there is a different interpretation based on an individual’s skin color.

The image shown above represents an elderly Asian. Holding on a single crutch, they push themselves to walk up the polished stairs towards the peak, just like everyone else— but only a few will recognize the coarse stairs they had to climb to reach the same starting point.

Jane Lee is a sophomore at St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire. Art has taken a significant role in shaping Jane into who she truly is. Her journey of exploring the beauty of art started with the most easily reachable way: digital art. As an individual who has always enjoyed story-writing, Jane felt strongly attracted to visualizing her imagination and creativity. Her ambitions grew as she moved onto traditional art such as sketching and painting, leading to becoming a member of the Advanced Studio Art team in 9th grade and presenting her artworks in a student art gallery exhibition. Jane is currently reaching out for various categories in art as she enhances her design thinking and envisioning her stories into a form of art.