Taeyoung Kim

Taeyoung_Kim_Out_of_the_City_Night for WP 5.2

Out of the City Night

Author Statement and Bio:
Taeyoung Kim is a Korean-American artist raised in Seoul, Korea. Kim is a junior at Asia Pacific International School in Seoul Campus. Kim has developed her art and design skills with diverse social and cultural experiences.

Her oil painting of ‘Out of the City Night’ was inspired by her personal experiences. When she is in the water at the swimming pool, she often experiences a feeling that she is being cut off from the nosiness and all the other surroundings. It feels like she has her own space. Based on her experience, she expressed her hope and dream by comparing the loud and flashing city lights by having her own space. By this experience, she made a self-portrait representing social isolation that people in current society could face.