Shannon Kernaghan

Shannon K mixed media for WP 5.2Unfiltered Acrylic, paper & twine on wood board. 40.64 x 60.96 x .635 cm. (16 x 24 x .25 in.) Kernaghan’s graffiti-inspired energetic abstract is loaded with color. The artist invites viewers to fill in the gaps by creating a bridge between perception. Try not to get caught in the everyday swirl of dis/belief

Artist Statement and Bio:
Canadian artist Shannon Kernaghan is inspired by items discovered in unexpected places. Her work invites viewers to suspend linear thinking and instead perceive her mixed media as a sum of elements, pieces of a puzzle that when re-shuffled, evoke personal memories and surprising sensations. More at http://www.ShannonKernaghan.

Shannon Kernaghan creates her visual art from Alberta, Canada. Her passion is storytelling in all forms – she also writes fiction, poetry and everything between, in books and journals. More at