Rayoung Lee


Rayoung/Madeline is a high school senior based in Seoul, South Korea. For her, art is a tool that helps improves relationships in the world, which is neither simply uniform nor consists of mere matter or substance, but is rather a landscape that flows through time in people’s construction of rapport and interdependence. Having realized how challenging, narrow, and limiting words can be in the conveyance of ideas and thoughts, she started creating art using different mediums ranging from gouache to defective hair dryers. She believes that if people can express and communicate aspects of the world more vividly through renderings and images, they can also viscerally sense and feel, rather than merely fathom words out of the mouth. 

Description- The word “want”, the number one, and the word “circle” are written exactly the same in Korean and also pronounced similarly. In this piece, the three symbols are painted with red and blue gouache for contrast, and shows that in order to achieve what we want, individuals must unite and join hands with one another.