Erine Leigh

Ukrainian Peace and Freedom

Heavy-headed, the sunflowers lean
And weep their dark seedy tears,
While watching over the smaller flowers.
The black bullets spring from the golden rejoice of sun.
We stand tall, by resistance.
We hope to have won, wake up to peace,
World, give up your greed!
Blood is not fit water for the seed.

Sunflower by Leigh Anita, copyright 2022.


Erine Leigh writes from seacoast NH where she served as poet laureate from 2015-17, and worked with young poets within a project called Poems For Peace.


Leigh Anita is a printmaker and visual artist. Specializing in relief, her printed work has gained recognition for its meticulous detail and has been featured in several independent art publications. Leigh is represented in curated shows and galleries throughout the region. Her pieces often embody a pursuit – making sense of her place in history: both personal and ancestral. Her work aims to create a straight line through memory, while also dancing with unknown relatives across continents.

Her written work has been published by the Underground Writers Association in the poetry anthology: You, Me, & The End Of The World, and in the Journal of Popular Music Studies, a peer-reviewed academic journal. She has also published two independent chapbooks, Metropolitans., and Sea Breezes.