Janet Bowdan

Peace sign

Asked its origin, the panelists don’t know, guess
It came from the peace movement or maybe way back
Roman or Greek times.  They can describe it, though, seeing
As it’s ubiquitous (Latin “ubi” for where, as in, everywhere:
Especially girls’ clothing, pink, purple, turquoise
A combo of hearts and, in some cases, skulls: “peace, man”
Making me wonder where “iniquity” comes from, if evil
Is not everywhere, if iniquity is simply not peace) but
The quiz show host says, yes, way back to 1958, which
Is way way back for the girls in the peace hoodies and even
Before I was born, and it came from what language, he asks
The audience, someone answering “Semaphor”—Yes, that’s
It!  The audience is always ahead, knows what we don’t, fills
In vital gaps: it’s a combination of the letters N and D, means
“Nuclear Disarmament”: all those lovely girls, the future
We are trying to have.