Aluu Prosper


The exquisite use of this piece to explain the nature and magnitude of neglect in social, economic, political and sociopolitical activities was born out of the artist’s need to use art to explain these activities going on in the nation. He uses this to explain that just as the process leads to the outcome, the process is also part of the outcome as well as the theory and explanations behind the painting.

He says that no matter how many ways you try to cover up a bad deed, it still remains a bad deed. He explains this in the painting as the paints the background of the painting with the mixture of every color used in the entire painting in equal amounts and it still yielded a dark color.

Again, there is a contrast between the background and the linen covering the lady. Which acts like a covering from the external negative activities. Not only does she cover herself. She covers her eyes so she assumed she doesn’t see or isn’t away of the actions happening around. She shows so much neglect and isn’t interested in these things not knowing that it directly or indirectly affects her.