Rachel Joohyun Lee

Rachel Joohyun Lee Frozen for WP 5.2Frozen

Artist Statement and Bio:
The sculpture of the “Frozen” is inspired by the issue of sea-level rise. It has been getting worse every year. A large amount of ice is melting due to people’s careless action that is affecting the Earth’s environment. Not only are animals losing their habitats but humans are also getting affected due to the changing climate. She wanted to raise awareness of the melting ice that provoked her to have ice particles on her face melting and breaking apart. It is hard to identify what facial expression she is containing because she has all her mixed feelings presented toward the careless people who are making the negative changes. If people can sustain small actions that prevent the ice melting, there will be no worries for the Earth to drown.

Rachel Lee is a sophomore at Seoul International School in Seoul, Korea. She spends her free time creating art, visiting exhibits, and exploring other countries with a camera in hand. Lee plans to continue pursuing her interests in different fields of art to widen her perspective and develop unique ways of expressing herself. Lee has won recognitions in different art contests, including winning second place for the 2020 College of Fine and Applied Arts in UIUC, being selected as the Merit Award winner of the 2019 Young Arts, and the winner of the 2019 Applied Arts Student Awards. In addition, Lee has a big interest in history as well. She has won first place for the National History Day contest for two consecutive years and applied for the group exhibit category. Lee has presented her wide knowledge of history through exhibits that require artistic strategy.