Elana Mallov

Water Ice 

When it fell off my spoon  
it left this great reddish pink puddle   
And I thought about   
the summer sun and the fall sun  
And how it doesn't feel like the same star at all 
The light is so different you can't pretend  
that the summer will stretch on  
and on  
Bob Marley Tapestry 

My daughter waves at Bob Marley in the window 
every time we walk by  

I'm beginning to worry that inanimate objects are 
too readily becoming friends  

Truth is, I'm happy she recognizes him 
Day after day  
And thinks he is a lost uncle  


Elana Mallov is a Philadelphia based artist and art teacher who dabbles in the occasional written word. A painter by day, writer by night, she has finally converged the two worlds in this new set of drawings and poems. She is also a contributing writer for Wreck Park Journal and founding member of Spillway Collective, an artist run gallery located in Philadelphia.