Charlotte Jihee Lee

“Hidden Persons 1” by Charlotte Jihee Lee

 The image explores the hidden reality in Korea, focusing on the rural neighborhoods and the people living with the struggles of poverty. When people think of Korea, most don’t realize the impoverished citizens and only notice the luxurious and pleasant side of Korea. Korea tends to hide its indigence side to let people believe that they are all living well. People who are aware of the impoverishment still tend to ignore the fact there is a gap and are unlikely to help. Knowing this, I tried my best to shed light on the differing circumstances in Korea from what its media showcases.

Charlotte Jihee Lee is attending Seoul International School in Seongnam, Korea. Her art-making practices are to create photo-based images dealing with social and cultural aspects. She developed her photography skills into mixed media forms by learning traditional art techniques and computer software tools; Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere. She plans to continue pursuing her interests in art and writing to expand on her creativity and perspective.