Kai Black

A New World Where *Bleep* Doesn’t Suck

In this new world, I can’t tell if it’s one of a grounded reality
or a simulation of youthful dreams or adult regret.
In this new world, I no longer fear dying at the hand of a gun
from those sworn to protect me.
In this new world, I no longer have to critique a money
obsessed system where business
capitalizes off of poor people’s misfortune.
I can buy iced coffee, get a full set
of rainbow reflective nails and pay my damn rent on time
with the fruits of my labored work.
In this new world,
Black lives don’t have to matter, because
they are no longer expendable like
VHS players in the mid 2000s.
In this new world,
I would have never had to numb my trauma
with the deceptive kisses from Monsieur Meth.
In this new world,
the smell of deep fried corn meal battered
catfish fills my nostrils,
and I give my grandma a heartfelt embrace,
we did it. We beat it?
Wait. What’s cancer?


Kai Black is currently pursuing their MFA in Creative Writing from Maharishi International University in Fairfield, IA. Kai is a black queer blogger who writes from their perspective on subjects such as race, sex, addiction, and love. They can be reached via Twitter @TheLazyHoeKai and IG @TheLazyHoe. This is their publication debut.