Issue 1.2

From the Editor:

Welcome to the second issue of WORDPEACE, a literary journal dedicated to peace and justice. I started this along with Monica Hand and Oonagh Doherty with the goal of trying to make some small difference in the light of the pervasive violence in the world due to racism, sexism, totalitarianism and ethnocentrism.

One gets a sense, gleaned from the upheaval and constancy of wars and racial violence, that many people may believe this is a given; as if there is nothing that can be done about it. However, we know there is something that can help. We can raise our voices in protest, in prayer, and in conversation.

The viability of literary conversation is why we decided to put WORDPEACE together, to put forward, through literature, the possibility of peace, that there might be change in the US and elsewhere to lead us toward a united world where there will be no extremes of wealth and poverty, and where all people of all faiths will feel safe to enter into not just conversation, but abiding friendship.

– Lori Desrosiers

Table of Contents: