Jaewoon Jeong

Daily Life in the Future copyright 2022 Jaewoon Jeong

“Daily Life in the Future” is a satirical illustration piece depicting our daily lives going on as normal, but the background shows that our world is nothing but normal. Burning factories in the distance polluting the sky and water, the oceans filled with trash and debris, animals shrouded in trash as if it’s a normal fashion accessory. However, sadly, life goes on as, even if our environment changes, we continue to do our everyday activities, adapting to this incoming doom of a hellscape we know as our world.

Jaewoon Jeong is a student attending Seoul Academy in Seoul, South Korea. He not only has an interest in digital media arts, but also has passion towards computer science, sports, and has a vested interest in designing characters for animation. He has experience in not only the arts but also music as well, and tries to combine the themes he experiences in both to create new dynamic creations. He is also challenging himself and expanding his visual vocabulary by experiencing other things such as coding, debate, etc.