Hannah Grace Greer

For Ukraine and all those who die loud and without fight…

I am not a political poet but not long ago—
My family, 2km from Ukraine’s border
Living in a tiny border town,
Spoke of the Russian bomb, coming down
On my great-grandmother’s sister’s house
My great-grandmother, saved, left in 1912

We ate together, it seemed a hundred-year distance—
Was a mere delusion of time, our camaraderie not impeded
As the shelling flies and the bombs drop and kill those inside
Rising flames and gas burning grocery stores, apartment complexes
Attacks against the Ukrainian civilians building
It seems even more so true—that something so horrific
Trigged by an authoritarian attitude could return also

Saying you’re in my prayers seems too little
So, I’ll say I’m with you,
Let the horizonal blue and yellow—
Keep on fighting the Eastern wind
And for all those that have fled, or are fleeing
Do not believe this is the end



Hannah Grace Greer is a disabled writer and poet originally from Pennsylvania. She is currently studying to achieve a BA in English and creative writing from the University of Iowa. Her work has been published in New Reader Magazine. You can find her @hannahggpoetry on twitter and instagram.