Jim Ross

“A Poet Protecting Voting Rights” by Jim Ross

The piece was taken during a march several years ago attended by a diverse group of marchers.  I was marching ahead of them, turned around, took one picture, stood still, and then took another picture from behind after they passed by.  

Jim Ross jumped into creative pursuits in 2015 after a rewarding career in public health research. With a graduate degree from Howard University, in the past six years he’s published nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and photography in over 150 journals and anthologies on four continents. Publications include 580 Split, Bombay Gin, Barren, Columbia Journal, Friends Journal, Hippocampus, Ilanot Review, Kestrel, Litro, Lunch Ticket, New World Writing, Stoneboat, The Atlantic, The Manchester Review, Typehouse, and Wordpeace. A nonfiction piece led to a role in a highly-anticipated documentary limited series. Jim and his wife—parents of two health professionals on the front lines and grandparents of five preschoolers—split their time between city and mountains.