Jaeho Kim

My_rights_My_freedom Kim for WP 5.2My Rights, My Freedom

Artist Statement and Bio:
In his work ‘Lost Never Found’, he indicated environmental issues of how people cause the problem of consuming. To encourage people to be aware of what we consume and how we should protect the environment, he intended to create the human body shaped installation reflecting ourselves. It will capture people’s attention and make them look into the object and figure out that it is made of daily consumption.

Jaeho Kim is a seventeen-year old student attending Korea International School Pangyo in Seongnam, Korea. His interest in art and design is based on the fashion industry. He gets inspired fashion to create art and design works. He believes that contexts in fashion deal with social and cultural aspects. He found it interesting to develop many social and cultural ideas into art and design. Therefore, he has been working on creating a variety of art and design works by himself as well as working as a team. His paintings were awarded in several international art competitions; Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, Celebrating Art, K-Art Competition. He also participated in a design project as a member to study human-centered design and this project titled ‘Eclipse’ was selected as a finalist in 2019 Fall/Winter Spark Student Award. He has group exhibition experiences in 2019 Project Chungrok, 2019 the 4th PASA festival and On Our Minds, In Our Futures 2019.