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Artist Statement and Bio:
Jason R. Montgomery, or JRM, is a Chicano/Indigenous Californian writer, painter, and playwright from El Centro, California. In 2016, along with Poet Alexandra Woolner, and illustrator Jen Wagner, JRM founded Attack Bear Press in Easthampton, MA. In 2019, JRM’s art was featured at CreativeArts Workshop in New Haven, CT, and his solo show Aqui Y Alla at the MapSpace Gallery in Easthampton. JRM completed graduate studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Department of Theatre and Dance with an emphasis in Playwriting and Chicano Studies in 2006. JRM’s work for the Coalescence show at Readywipe Gallery is an exploration of the cultural synthesis intrinsic to decolonization. Using found collage and construction materials, he merges Kumeyaay, Chumash, and Chicano designs and aesthetics to explore the history of US colonization, while synthesising a decolonized motif that honors the complicated heritage of the postcolonial subject.

His work can be found at:
Facebook: @attackbearpress
Instagram: @attackbearpress