Claire Hahn

Claire Hahn Mother_Nature for WP 5.2
Mother Nature

Author Statement and Bio:
“Mother Nature” is a piece that deals with the destruction of coral reefs. Through the artwork, Hahn wanted to express this situation from an opposite point of view, where the coral reefs are thriving while humans are slowly perishing. It reflects how without humans, the major cause of nature’s destruction, the world could be filled with so much more life and color. This piece was created to spread awareness of saving coral reefs, and Hahn hopes to create a change in the environment through her message.

Claire Hahn is a fourteen-year-old Korean American artist who lives in Seoul, South Korea, and attends Seoul International School in 9th Grade. Hahn’s specialty is based on drawing and painting and she deals with the contexts within worldwide environmental issues to expose on canvas. However, she desires to extend her skills into diverse art and photography forms in order to create visual artworks. Through this opportunity, she was able to construct pieces of art that reflected on her creativity in how she visualizes corruption that takes place in our environment. Hahn was nominated as a finalist in the Genius Olympiad 2020.