Neumia Marin

Mia Burroughs Mask for WP 5.2Quarantine

Artist Statement and Bio:

“Quarantine” is one of a series of watercolor paintings about living through the coronavirus pandemic.  This painting  specifically looks at the faceless, voiceless experience of isolation that goes along with the stigma of being “positive”.  While the mask covers her face, the eyes still show a person of great patience and endurance.  One may wonder if this is the first time she has been silenced or contaminated by outside forces.

The artist Neumia Marin (Burroughs) has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Creative Writing and Literature from Vermont College of Norwich University and finds meaning, order and purpose through the creative process.  In today’s complicated, sorted and unjust world the ability to find beauty and create meaning in visual art is a method of survival.  Neumia lives with her family in Charlottesville Virginia.