Alexandra Naughton

"yes, like all of us, i have experienced disillusionment with the limits of human life and understanding" - T.C. Boyle

i log on and don't know what anyone is talking about
i lie in bed awake at night thinking about my relationship with plastic containers
i only have a vague understanding of what nihilism means but i feel it sometimes
i wonder if reading philosophy has ever helped anyone
i have read passages from Nietzsche similar to my own diary entries
you and i have a shared disillusionment and that means something
it is disappointing 
everything, i mean
after spending so much time 
thinking about the stuff 
that is impossible to fully comprehend
how it all works
how it all doesn't
and other vagueness
but moments exist where we are united with that understanding
and look outside of ourselves
and take immediate actions
help someone who is asking for it
challenge a power that has gone unchecked
and maybe that's all it is
the point, i mean
maybe there is none
and that's okay too


Alexandra Naughton is the founder and editor in chief of Be About It Press. She is the author of a place a feeling something he said to you, as well as ten other published books. Find out more at