Agnes Denes

Agnes Denes Art for WP 2.18.20

Conflict starts between walls – 190616-1

Artist’s Statement:

Since my early age I try to escape from continuous criticism even I like my faults like disorder, phantasm , care with time and space fluid and sometimes I’m choosy as well and dark thoughts and feelings run through my head so learnt to handle to do best performances. Now we are in a new stage of cooperation in our planet so we should reestablish our process as well. We always can find problems in everything but we can let them go as well. Co-working, the way of searching the equality, appropriation, competitions, performance and leisure time,personal boundaries, preferences hide little conflicts of everyday life – which can grow if we forget about non-mainstream purposes. Not easy to change our habits and the order of peoples and values.(I can send better quality pictures later and I would be happy not to use them on third party.) More about me: