Mia Burroughs

“This is The Backside of a Sad Face” is a visual expression of an inner experience of sadness.  When painting this piece, I was reaching for the feeling and wanting to bring forth this feeling in the viewer and in doing so bridge the space between seeing a sad face and being inside the body of sadness.

Mia Burroughs is an artist and poet, has a bachelor’s degree in literature and creative writing from Norwich University.  She has been painting and writing poetry for thirty years. In 2020 under the pseudonym “Neumia Marin” Mia’s artwork “Quarantine” was included in Wordpeace issue 5.2.   In collaboration Mia and fellow poet Will Reger co-wrote the poem Post-Mortem of a Moment which was published in Spindrift 2022.  She is the sole administrator of the Art Collaborative and Existential Literature, Art Music and Film Facebook Groups, where intellectual investigation and creative exploration are encouraged and celebrated.