Artwork: Russ Taylor


Wordpeace presents artwork by Russ Taylor.

Russ Taylor Barbed wire fence

Barbed Wire Fence copyright (c) 2017 Russ Taylor



Russ Taylor Dream Deferred
A Dream Deferred copyright © Russ Taylor 2017



Russ Taylor Infrastructure

Infrastructure  copyright © Russ Taylor 2017



Russ Taylor Lamppost, Northern Ireland

Lamppost, Northern Ireland  copyright © Russ Taylor, 2017




As an artist and photographer, I am interested in texture and layers as well as the story the viewer may project onto the piece. A work of art should ultimately evoke emotion just as a piece of writing succeeds when readers identify with the triumphs and failures of the characters.  I’m drawn to ordinary scenes that have the potential to become extraordinary with a focus on details that might be missed.

Russ Taylor is an artist and a photographer whose credits include three book covers, author photos, and a featured article with National Scholastic. He has displayed his photography at art venues and collaborates with local artists to combine writing and photography. He also does digital painting and is currently working on a graphic novel based on a short story.