Michael Biegner


Adriana has ten pieces of gum to share with her friends. There isn’t enough to give a piece to all her friends, so she walks to the store to buy three more pieces. Each piece of gum costs 25 cents but she

has no money. How much more money does she wish she had?

Adriana has not eaten since yesterday. Her mother who has a heart condition, gives her $2.55 in change for lunch and gum. Adriana needs $1.05 for school lunch that consists of an apple, cheese, tots, and Jello. Her mother has not eaten in two days.  How much does Adriana have left for gum?

SNAP benefits are being cut in half again next year and Adriana’s mother will need to be drug tested to receive her benefits. If her current benefits are $126 per month, this averages out to $1.40 per person per meal per day, calculate how much change Adriana’s mother will have to give Adriana for lunch.

How much will Adriana’s mother have left over after groceries if she receives no raises for two years and her health care contributions rise 15% per year. What is the lowest minimum wage Adriana’s Mother must make as her third job to make up the difference? Use a pie chart to display her income sources.

Calculate how long Adriana’s mother can afford to keep her car which she parks under a bridge where they sleep, if her yearly insurance goes up by $100 from $1250 a year. Estimate the impact on Adriana’s belief in herself. Divide by the number of days in the week to amortize despair.

Multiply the troubles Adriana has in school by the shame she faces when she overhears shoppers standing in line at the local Stop & Shop say I knew I should have avoided this place on the first of the month as her mother swipes her EBT card. Annualize the result to calculate her average monetized depression.

How long will it take Adriana’s family to get to the nearest shelter before it fills up if it is 3 miles from where they parked the car, if they walk at a pace of 1.75 miles per hour because they have no money for gas or the bus? Calculate the odds that none of them is sexually assaulted in the shelter.

How many hours will Adriana cry when she realizes it’s Friday, so there is no school tomorrow and no free school breakfast. Adriana now has five pieces of gum, having given gum to her siblings and for herself. How many pieces did she have to start?

Compare the number of dollar meals the family could have purchased at McDonalds using half of the SNAP benefits, with buying cans of condensed milk which offers more protein. What are the odds,

given Adriana’s mother’s health history, that she will have another heart attack?

Hints and extra credit: factor in the racism. Factor in the disabilities and Adriana’s mother’s medical bills from her last hospitalization. Factor in the ex-husband who does not pay child support but comes back drunk every so often to beat Adriana’s mother. Solve for the Ex.

Show all work.